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Excelencia offers the following Institutes in 2024:


As a trusted and respected convener, Excelencia technical assistance opportunities offer institutional teams of five members:

  • Interactive sessions by subject matter specialists, policy makers, researchers, and leaders in higher education;
  • Asset-based discussions on data, practice, leadership, and policy with a Latino lens;
  • Learning and networking environments with other teams to share strategies, practices, strengths, and opportunities;
  • Dedicated time and space for teams to reflect and develop tactical action plans for campus-wide implementation; and,
  • Continued engagement, learning, and sharing on journey to more intentionally SERVE Latino students with peer teams as part of a network of institutions at 3-, 6-, and 12-month virtual follow-up sessions after each institute.

For guidance on Institutional team composition please refer to each individual institute page.

For information on other TA opportunities, please visit our Technical Assistance page.

If you have any questions on the TA Institutes, please email TechAid@EdExcelencia.org.